Volume 37, Number 3: Winter 2007-08

Diane Mertens: Tuesdays
2007 Iowa Review Award Winner, Nonfiction

John Colasacco: Non-Arson Sonnets; Naked Women of North America
2007 Iowa Review Award Winner, Poetry

Randi Faust: Displacement
2007 Iowa Review Award Winner, Fiction

Mary Flanagan: a pure subjective commitment is possible; insubstantial stuff of pure being (Runner-up, Poetry)

Nancy K. Pearson: From the Motel-by-the-Hour (Runner-up, Poetry)

Erin Soros: Surge (Runner-up, Fiction)

Naomi Wax: Authentic Experience (Runner-up, Nonfiction)

Lidia Yuknavitch: A Pound of Flesh (Runner-up, Fiction)

Rebecca Dunham: Sarah Good, Imprisoned, 1692

Joel Brouwer: "24 Marines and 72 Journalists Land at Mogadishu"

Barbara Hamby: Whatever, or, As You Like It, Part Two

Terry Savoie: Two Poems on Pickerel Lake

Jerry Harp: Practical Theology; Love Song; Love Poem

Benjamin Chambers: Things I Left Behind in Kalispell, Montana

William Powers: Zero

Marianne Boruch: Minus Minus; New Paper

Matthew Rohrer: The News Is Bad

Elizabeth Bradfield: Polar Explorer #8

John Witte: The Heavenly Ladder; Captivity

Andrea Lipsky-Karasz: Mourning

Henry Mescaline: First Paragraph of Marcel Proust's Swann's Way (Translated from the French by C.K. Scott Moncrieff), Alphabetized

Sara McKinnon: Bread Alone

Bob Hicok: Coming to life; First will and testament

Ina Loewenberg: Bequest; My Affair with Rumpelstiltskin

Rick Bursky: Judas

Nance Van Winckel: White Brides, White Mistresses

Michele Amas: Dreaming Poetry in American

Tusiata Avia: Nafanua's Family; Nafanua and the Dogs

Emily Dobson: Nude

Jenny Bornholdt: February; December

Charlotte Simmonds: I Am a Man of Many Professions, My Wife Is a Lady of Many Confessions

James Brown: How I Write My Love Poems

Sam Sampson: from An Arena of Reflected Caches; Orpheus at Whatipu

Zach Savich: On a Pose of Virgil's; Circus

Marc Nieson: Every December

Jackie Zakrewsky: Snakes; My Father in All Seasons

Erica Bleeg: The Country They Lost


cover artwork by Dave Morice, from Poetry Comics: An Animated Anthology