Volume 36, Number 3: Winter 2006/07

Stellar Kim: Findings & Impressions

Margaret Monaghan: Delft Farm; Night of Terrible Ending; Why People Put Each Other on Watches; Field of Seed; Dresden Stollen

Bonnie J. Rough: The Birdmen

Allison Benis: Dancers with Green Skirts; Seated Dancer, Head in Hands; Portrait of Estelle Degas

Abraham Brennan: You Stole My Life, Jill Whelan

Jennifer Chapis: Island Life; Mountain Violent Rhapsody

Scott Glassman: Exertions; Proximities

Katherine Gustafson: Parijaat

Adam Hunault: The Royal Flush Saga

Kristina Martinez: The Multiple Landscapes into Which One Figures

Susan McCabe: Sybil

Miho Nonaka: And We, Theater of Girls

Sandra Novack: Hunk

Marvin Bell: Coffee; Ode to Night; "Astronomers May Have Reason for Milky Way's 'Lumpiness'"; Poseur

Erica Bernheim: Nightdoctors; The Government Finance Officers Association

Margaret Gibson: On Being Asked if the Anklet I'm Wearing Is an Old Charm Bracelet of Mine; Cooking Supper While My Sister Dies

Susanna Mishler: Free Radicals

John Poch: Seven Little-Known Birds of the Inner Ear

Reginald Gibbons: Citizens

Amanda Rea: Helping

Catie Rosemurgy: Doctor (3): Miss Peach Is Referred to the Orthopedic Unit; Miss Peach Returns to High School to Retake Drivers' Ed

Boyer Rickel: [The Romanesque Christ, made modest]; [I felt the need—though blackness]

Hugh Steinberg: Radish; Furious

Seth Abramson: Public Defender

A. Patrick Andes: from Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'intrate, a work in progress

Mary Biddinger: Brick Dust

Richard Holinger: The Huntsman

Marjorie Stelmach: ...from The Wilderness Papers

Lee Warner Brooks: Wanting

Zanni Schauffler: The Way I Stopped Existing

Laurence Goldstein: Merciless

Jay Martin: A Collector of Collections


cover artwork by John Dilg